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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my dance lessons?

Normal loose casual comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement are fine. For footwear the ideal shoe is one that is light and flexible with a non-rubber sole. Ladies, no stilettos please, these are difficult to dance in and can damage the floor. Running shoes and sneakers are not recommended as they ‘grab’ the floor making it difficult to move when dancing on wooden floors.

Do I need proper dance shoes?

No, as long as you wear shoes that don’t ‘grab’ the floor you will be fine. A dance shoe doesn’t make you a good dancer but it can assist with spins, turns and other footwork. They are light, flexible and have a suede sole which provides just the right amount of resistance while still giving you the freedom to spin and move across the floor. Once you have been dancing for a little while and your confidence has increased, you (especially the ladies) will probably purchase a pair of dance shoes to wear when dancing.

Will I need a partner to take dance lessons?

No. There will be other people there without partners and we usually have even numbers of men and women. Partners are also rotated throughout the class so even if the numbers are uneven everyone gets the chance to dance.

I’m bringing my partner; do we need to change partners during the lessons?

No, however we recommend that you both do so on occasion as this will increase the speed at which both of you learn. Dancing with a different partner will help highlight areas of technique that you need to focus on and the bonus is that you’ll get to meet more people.

I have never danced. Is learning to dance difficult?

Dancing can be quite easy to learn. It is really just walking or stepping in time with music. Like most new things you try, it will take a bit of time before it becomes second nature but our classes are well structured, which makes learning easy and fun. Don’t forget that you will be learning with people of a similar level so there is nothing to be afraid of. To boost your confidence you may like to take one or two Private Lessons.

What age are the people who come to your classes?

Our adult students range in age from 15-60 however the majority are in the 20 – 45 age bracket.

How long does it take to learn how to dance?

This depends entirely on the individual but you will be able to confidently step out onto the dance floor after relatively few lessons and dance with a partner. Everyone works at their own pace and at the studio we will try to accommodate your needs. A significant factor that we see time and time again is that those who practice more, progress faster.

I am quite shy and am afraid that I will feel self conscious about dancing. Is this normal?

Everyone, including our instructors started at the same point as you; by walking into a Latin dance studio and taking their first basic steps! As instructors we remember what our first lessons were like and we ensure that the studio is a safe and supportive environment in which to learn to dance. There is absolutely no reason to feel self -conscious.

How often should I take dance lessons?

This is entirely up to you and often depends on how many dance styles you want to learn at once. The average student takes about 2 lessons a week, while others still venture out onto the social dance floor with just one lesson a week.

Why should I learn to dance?

Students have told us that besides learning to dance, they improve their self-confidence, develop higher self esteem, improve their posture and gain new friends socially, keep active as well as many other benefits.

Where can I get Latin music?

Most of our students use the Internet as it offers many different ways to get music. Speak to your instructors for recommendations on the best music for your level of dancing.

What’s the fastest way to learn?

Quite simply ……..Practice, Practice, Practice ….. as well as Private Lessons every so often to focus in on any areas you might be unsure of. Getting your basic steps smooth and confident will enable you to learn new moves and techniques a lot faster.
Stepping out on the social dance floor and giving the moves a go is a great way to socialize and practice at the same time!

How do I know when I’m ready to progress to the next level?

Before each course finishes one of the instructors will dance with you and confirm if you are ready to progress. While all students are keen to improve as fast as possible we find that students struggle if they move up a level too early. This is disappointing for them and for those students in the higher class. Almost all dancers repeat one or two levels to ensure that their fundamental skills are well developed as this enables them to advance at a faster rate in the more challenging classes. Depending on your progress it may just be a matter of taking one or two Private lessons to be ready for the next level.

I want to perform on stage – what do I need to do?

For some people performing for an audience is a real adrenaline rush and a chance to showcase your particular talents. There are numerous opportunities to perform as a solo, couple or as part of a choreographed team routine. Speak to your instructors if you want to step into the spotlight.

What happens if I miss a class during a course?

So that you don’t fall behind the rest of the class you really need to catch up on the lesson you missed. At Latin Addiction we allow you to use the value of that missed lesson as a credit towards a 30-minute private lesson to go over the missed week’s class. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll arrange a time to catch you up.

What are the advantages of taking private lessons?

The Private Lesson is your time so you decide what you want to learn or gain further instruction in. Because you (and perhaps your partner) are working one on one with the instructor you get their attention for 100% of the time enabling them to quickly identify any problem areas and help you improve them. If you want to enhance your dancing and progress quickly, Private Lessons are a huge step in the right direction.

I have had some Latin dance experience. What class should I be taking at Latin Addiction?

Come and have a chat with one of the instructors and we’ll decide together.