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Wedding Dance Lessons

Let us help put that magical spark into your wedding dance.

Bride and Groom, Brides, Grooms or Life Partners, we are here to reduce any stress around the wedding dance for you both ๐Ÿ™‚

Whether it be a more romantic style, a funky fun routine, heavy rock surprise or anything in between, we can help you.  We have created many memorable dance moments for other couples on their special day and we’d love to do the same for you.

We offer several different packages which include providing the choreography, editing your music and a number of lessons to give you the skills and confidence for your big day.

Want something different? We can also design a specific package to suit your individual needs if you want to involve others (bridal party or family members) in the first dance experience.

Two left feet? No dance experience? Never fear, we have ways to make the most reluctant dancer look fabulous on their wedding day. 

Lessons for two people are normally $90/hour but we have put together three packages that cater for most wedding dance requirements.

Standard Gold Package

Choreography, editing of music, 5 lessons for 2 people


Luxury Platinum Package

Choreography, editing of music, 8 lessons for 2 people


Supreme Diamond Package

Choreography, editing of music, 10 lessons for 2 people



Hens or Stags Parties

Want something to add to your Hens or Stags experience?  How about a dance lesson or we teach you a short routine you bridesmaids or grooms can bust out on the dance floor later in the evening of your party?  It’s a great icebreaker if not everyone in your party knows each other well and we’re happy to come to you if that works best.  

There are also no problems if you want to have a drink or two during the lesson to help relax those nervous about putting their best foot forward.

Get in touch and see what we can put together for you.